Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Dip

It's tough being the big brother to TWO little boys. Just ask Landon. You know those really cool grocery carts they have with the car in front? Yeah, my kids love those. (What kid doesn't?!) There are two seats and Cailyn & Landon have usually had the privilege of claiming those spots. Enter Jacob & Owen -- two crazy little toddlers who do NOT like grocery shopping and are finally big enough to ride in them. Today we went to Stater Bros and we spotted one of those fancy carts. Landon made a beeline for it, but I had to tell him that his little brothers got to ride in it, and there wouldn't be enough room for him. And boy did that ever break his heart! Suddenly his lip hung low and the tears just started rolling down his cute little face! Oh, I felt so bad for him! So to make it up to him (and let's face it, to save face in front of all those customers who were staring at us like I must be the worst mom in the world) I told him he could pick out a treat. He walked down the candy isle with a big grin on his face and carefully chose for himself a Fun Dip. As soon as we got home he dove right in. The best part is that he's been calling it a Happy Dip and who am I to correct him? It actually seems more fitting in this situation, anyway. :)

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