Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interview With Cailyn

A friend on my scrapbook board gave me this idea. The idea is to have an interview with your kids each year and ask them the same questions. So this is how my interview with Cailyn went:

What is your favorite...
Color? Reddie red red red
Cereal? Cereal Toast Crunch
Drink? Milk, oh I mean chocolate milk
Toy? Barbie and the Diamond Castle doll
TV Show? Sponge Bob (No surprise there!)
Game? Go fish
Book? Clifford the Small Red Puppy
Restaurant? It has a playground ... and it’s McDonald’s cuz I love their hamburgers!
Holiday? Oh I know that one, it’s Halloween & Christmas
Animal? Clifford the Small Red Puppy (No, I didn't accidentally copy her favorite book twice.)
Food? Push-ups
Thing to do at school? Doing some groups and stuff If you could change your name what would it be? Daddy calls me Fluffy sometimes so I pick that. What do you love about your family members? Landon: He’s silly when he puts his head on the ground and his bum up in the air. (She actually did a demonstration for that one.)
Mommy: Cuddling
Daddy: The same thing Where would you like to go on vacation? Disneyland & Disneyworld What are your wishes for this year? A Mulang Polly Pocket. That’s it? Yep. Who is your best friend? Allison & Trevor What do you want to be when you grow up? The President. Cuz that’s what we learned in school today.

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