Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Marshmallow Test

A couple weeks ago we decided to give our kids the Marshmallow Test. The idea is to offer the child a single marshmallow, or if they can wait 15 minutes they get to have two marshmallows. The rules were that they had to sit in front of it. They could touch it or smell it, just not eat it.

Cailyn was first and she did great! Before the time even started she was trying to make deals with Colby, asking how many marshmallows she could get if she waited longer than 15 minutes. :) She stayed right in front of the marshmallow, singing songs and doing handstands and not touching it until the 15 minutes were up. Next was Landon's turn. I really wasn't sure he would be able to last 15 minutes. About 2 minutes in he smooshed it down flat and started playing with it. A couple minutes later he found a little car nearby and started making tracks in it. And he kept asking over and over, "Mommy, what if it (the timer) doesn't beep?" He was so concerned that the timer wasn't working and wouldn't beep and he'd have to sit there forever! But in the end he made it 15 minutes and he gobbled up his mangled marshmallow and got to have a second one. This was so much fun watching these kids do this!

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