Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bust A Move

Our first date night was pretty low key. First we signed our Pledge. And when Colby read the rule of "no frumpy clothing" he went and changed his work shirt and even put on some cologne. (How sweet!) The plan was to play our new Wii game called Bust a Move Bash. I was soooo excited for this game cuz we love the Super Nintendo version. Unfortunately we weren't too impressed with it. So we only played it for a bit then switched to Wii Play, where I totally kicked butt at Find the Mii. But then Colby kicked butt at Ping Pong.

We also had some Peach Crunch Cake and watched some speed skating. It was lots of fun and Colby even volunteered to be in charge of March. :)

We (okay, I) got a little silly at this point and couldn't stop giggling at Colby. I must have been tired! :P

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Brandy said...

What a fun and light hearted date. I can't wait to hear about more of them. Glad to see you joined the project.

Anonymous said...

yay! so happy to have the two of you on board with project 52: date nights! we loved dr. mario on the nintendo 64, but the wii version wasn't that great, too. and the peach crunch… yum! thanks for sharing and we'll see you next week!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

stephanie said...

i kick butt in find the mii too! fun date :)

p.s. your kids are super cute