Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting ready and saving money

Today we woke up early with the idea that we would go garage sale shopping. After getting the kids out of bed, pop-tarts in hand, we headed out the door. We got to the first "multi-family" sale only to be very disappointed. We drove by two to three more sales and saw nothing. We ended up following signs to Grandma Donna Phelps street. Our first "deal" came when we found a pack of 80 diapers unopened from grandma's next door neighbor. Total cost $1. We went across the street to another neighbor having a sale and scored a lot of baby stuff there and just down the street at another one. Thinking we were done and the car full we headed home. On the way home we stopped at a few more places. Our last stop was at a house of someone who has twin girls. For sale was matching cribs. The cribs will also convert to toddler beds. They were asking for $100 for one crib, when asked how much for both they said $175 almost worth it but...not impressed that much we decided to leave. Almost to the car they shouted $150 if we bought both. We pulled all of our money together including my birthday money, emergency reserves, etc and barely scrounged up $150. All in all it was a VERY successful morning. We found a lot of high ticket items that we will be needing for the twins at very low costs.

Picture of one of the cribs halfway set up. Looking online it looks like just one of these cribs retails at Babies'r'us for approx $310 on sale from $399.

List of items: 2 matching cribs,Graco Double stroller,booster carseat for Landon, 2 Graco infant carriers with bases, Boppy with hanging toy system, Bouncy/vibrating seat, Graco infant swing, 2 packs of unopened diapers and a few books for the kids.

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