Monday, May 12, 2008

Apple Slicer

My mom & dad took our kids out shopping the other day to buy us Mother's Day/Birthday presents and let Cailyn pick everything out. Colby got a nifty flashlight and soccer ball and I got fishy crackers and an apple slicer. Here's the funny story about the slicer: Cailyn said Mommy needed an apple slicer but that we already had one. So my mom and dad were a bit confused but went along with it. When they told me that, I remembered that a couple days ago (now don't judge me!!!) I told Cailyn ours was broken cuz I really didn't feel like cutting her apple! The little smartypants remembered that so now I have no excuse! Oh how I love my kids and love being a mother!!!
Colby and I also got a GPS system from my mom and dad, though I think this is more for me as I seem to get lost EVERYWHERE! This will definately come in handy!

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Chris-n-Chelz said...

ok the apple slicer story is hilarious. i guess i better watch out cause i tell aiden things are broken all the time just so i dont have to do whatever it is he wants. i also am guilty of telling him clothes are and dishes are dirty if i dont feel like digging it out or looking for it!!!!