Saturday, November 3, 2007

Losing my kids, Losing my mind

Well, yesterday I lost both my kids in the house at different times. First was Landon. He was with Cailyn in the family room while I was doing computer work. I called into Cailyn after a bit to see how Landon was doing but she said he wasn't in there. So I ran all over the house looking for him and finally found him in Cailyn's bathroom, playing in the dark!

Later while I was feeding Landon Cailyn was playing with her toys in the living room. He fell asleep and when I went to lay him in his bed I realized that it was awful quiet. So I went looking for Cailyn in the bathrooms, bedrooms, everywhere. Finally I heard some snoring and followed the sound to the tiny corner where her playhouse was, fast asleep. Silly girl!

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Chris and Chelz said...

i am glad you took a pic of her sleeping cause colby told me the story, but it is nice to see a pic to go with it! that is too funny! your parenting classes start next week!!!!